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February 27, 2011


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I feel like comming up with a cat tribe but I need some name ideas!! This is for everyone that has read or heard about The Tribe of Rushing Water and their names and people that have some tribe name ideas :)

If you have any ideas please comment! I appreciate any ideas and will probally use them! (I suck with tribe cat names) lol :P
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Chrissi-queen 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Here are some

sour berry with poison
quiet birds who fly
jagged mountain tops
sun who drowns over the horizon
ivy that chokes fools
Fungus that grows steadily
Roses of tears and blood
lion that stalks and prowls
mouse that squeaks loudly
Stars that Shine at Night
Lark that sings at Dawn
Hawk that swoops Low
Blizzard that brings the Cold
Feather of white Dove 
Moon that glows at Midnight
Shard of Pointed Ice
Owl that hunts at Night
Petals that fall from Rose
Jade that Gleams in Moonlight
Leaves that drift in the Wind
Poppy that grows at Dawn
Wind that howls in Storm
Echo in the Cave
Stones that shimmer in the Cave

Hope this helps! :)

Here are some for you heartofsteel13
Harmony of wind and bird's song
Harmony of slow stream
Harmony in dark forest
Harmony of autumn's fallen leaves
Silent harmony of falling snow
darkstarmagiclan Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is if you want a more tropical tribe:
Blue eyes of clear water (Blue Eyes or Clear Water)
Monkey who screams at dusk (Monkey or Dusk)
Splash when pebbles fall (Splash or Pebbles)
Ivy the treads on sky (Ivy or Sky)
River that flows down (River)
Moss of wet stones (Moss)
Sun who sets at night (Sun or Night)
Moon of small tears (Moon or Tears)
Hope on parrot wings (Hope or Parrot)
Dawn that breaks mountain peak (Dawn)
Pool of falling stones (Pool)
Ripple of shattered pools (Ripple)
Slither of the vines (Slither)
Snake of constricting vines (Snake)
Butterfly of broken wings (Butterfly)
Orchid that grows by stones (Orchid)
Paws of new coming (Paws)
Fire of watching orangutans (Fire)
Howl heard from branches (Howl or Branches)
Flight on green wings (Flight)
Echo of the high sun (Echo or Sun)
Rain of forgotten souls (Rain or Soul)
Silver on the water's reflection (Silver or Reflection)
Blooming petals of morning light (Bloom or Petals)
Cloudstar1234 Aug 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This may be incredibly late but... Claw that Rips the Night. (Claw). Just a little suggestion.
If you need a name for the tribe I like:
The Tribe of the highest mountain
The Tribe who follows the Sun
The Tribe of Storm and Wind
Sorry I love coming up with names for things :D
Here's a couple:
Smoke from blazing fire
Heather that flowers on moor
Dust that swirls in storm
Oak that reaches the sky
Whistle from distant bird
Fox with pelt of red
Crevice where bats hide
Dawn of pale light
Owl that calls at dusk
Rustle of small mouse
Cougar who treads the night
Hope these help :D
How about:
Splash when pebble falls(splash)
Hawk that lands on birch(hawk)
Wool that covers sheep(wool or sheep)
Moss on wet stone( moss. I really like this one!)
Wave that crashes on
Leaf that flutters in summer wind(leaf)
Fox that sings a dusk(fox)
Pine that crashes in storm(pine)
Wolf that pounces on rabbit(wolf)
Log that floats down river(log)
Dove that pecks at snail(dove)
Silver birch in snow-fall(silver)
Otter the swims quietly(otter)
Flash from trout scale(flash)

Evil names
Scarlet stain on wound(scarlet)
Whisper of death in ear(whisper)
Rat that tastes blood(rat)
Tiger that strikes silently(tiger)
Ivy the curls around victim(ivy)
Dovewing12 Mar 22, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
How about sun where sparrow flys (sparrow)
Night where the sun glares (night)
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how was mine!?!? :/ I had good and evil names!
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